About Us - Our Background

How Was Loans For Students Started?

We were all students once, and we know the pressures that today's students are under. This site is set up to help you restructure your finances.

Started Lending in 2009

This site can trace its routes back to 2009 when it first started lending. That makes us one of the oldest student only loan sites in the UK - if not the oldest.

Bought Out In 2016

We were then bought out by Quick Loans Ltd, a popular high acceptance loan network that specialises in available finance.

Entering Our 10th Year

Looking forward to welcoming borrowers to the site for the new 2019/20 Academic year. Proving once again that we are the trust ones in student borrowing.

Our Full History

09 September 2009

Date Founded

"Loans For Students" was started

09 September 2009

10 September 2010

New Website Launched

On this date we went live on our new website LoansForStudents.co.uk

08 Feb 2016

Site Sold

This site was sold to Quick Loans Ltd

08 Feb 2016



Continuing to enable students to obtain credit on the best possible terms according to their status.

We are one of the oldest UK sites involved in the lending process that is branded exclusively towards full and part-time students. We first registered our business back in 2010. Ever since then, we have continued to grow in importance for those students who struggle to get finance from mainstream lenders.

We are part of a larger group of brands that belong to Quick Loans. Quick Loans Ltd is a significant financial group that has over ten significant brands within its portfolio. Being part of a larger group gives up many benefits over our competitors. Some of the benefits include excellent customer services, UK based customer service agents that will answer the phone and speak to customers like real human beings.

"Loans For Students" is a trading name of Quick Loans Ltd. Quick Loans Ltd is registered in England and Wales with company number 09619094. Registered office: 12 Churchfield Court Barnsley S70 2JT. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, our permissions number is 763132. We are also registered with the Data Commissioners office with the reference number is ZA207923.

We want to expand further into providing loans to those in education. We see it as a significant growth area that leading other lenders are ignoring. There is a massive gap in the market for us; we want to move into it, our customers want us to move into it. That is where we are heading over the next few years.

We are a credit broker and not a direct lender. We do not charge you a fee for this service, but we do receive a variable commission from the lender that agrees to consider your application further.

Loans For Students does not provide access to credit specially designed for students. What we have done is to remove all the lenders from our panel who won't lend to students. We provide access to commercially available loans that are available to full time or part-time employed people. It is that we have designed our website to provide useful information that may be more relevant to students.

You must consider whether a loan is a right solution for you, with the main emphasis being on whether you can afford the repayments.

"Loans For Students" is a trading name of Quick Loans Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 763132

Offers of credit are only available to people over the age of 18 and based in the United Kingdom

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