Your Data Privacy Matters To Us

How We Use Your Data

We know that people are concerned about their privacy. This is not something that we are on a different side of the argument on, nothing is more important. We want to collect as little information as possible in order for us to make a decision. We also want to retain that information for as short as short a period of time as possible.

As it happens the Financial Conduct Authority requires lenders to ask more questions of applicants than we used to. This is in order for us to check that a policing can make repayments on time (the affordability check). It requires us go ask about incomings and outgoings. In a way this is of course important, but as lenders we know that people tend to make this up anyway and we don't really rely on it for our decision making process. The number of people on £60,000 a year with zero outgoings and still need a £1000 loan is amazing. If we did use this information we would be out of business pretty quick. Unfortunately we still have to ask and process the data.

Some people want loans that we no longer offer ourselves, usually loans under £1000 or for less than 1 year. For these loans we use partner sites that are willing to lend to students. We need to share with them the information you give us for them to make a decision and process the loan. They will not be given personal contact details such as email or phone numbers unless they make a loan offer and you have read and agreed that you are happy with the loan. If you do not wish to proceed, this data will be destroyed and we will hold no further record of it on any of our system.

Our site is secure and transmissions from your computer to our server is transmitted using https. This is confirmed by the padlock in your browser on the application page.

We are registered and fully complaint to the Data Protection Act. Our DPA number is ZA207923

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, our interim permissions reference number is 763132. It is important to check the FCAs website if you have any concern about a website being authorised because every firm that is licensed will be on there. If they aren't on there then they are not authorised.

What We Don't Do With Your Information

We do not and will not ever spam you. This site does not get involved in any type of direct marketing to you. 

If you want us to, and you have to opt in, we can share your data with some of our lenders who may send you details of special offers. This is only if you opt in, under no circumstances will this happen without you opting in. This permission can be rescinded at anytime by contacting us.

Without this opt in, any information you give us will only be used as part of the application process.

Short Recap

Data Handler: Quick Loans Ltd

Data Protection Number: ZA207923

FCA License Number: 763132

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