Monday, 23 November 2020 02:37

Student Betting Mules Wanted

To circumvent these bans, professional gamblers look for donor accounts in the names of real people.

So what are the risks?

It is essential to say that there is nothing illegal in becoming a betting mule. We're not talking about match-fixing or any other type of insider knowledge into which way a bet will or will not go. The professional gamblers we know of are experts in statistics and detecting anomalies in betting odds.

One possible downside that mules face, and it's almost inevitable to happen at some point. Mules will see their betting accounts limited; they will be banned by the bookies. Most betting mules have no interest in gambling. Losing access to a gambling account will not negatively impact their lives.

As all the monies provided upfront by the professional gamblers, there's no possible way for the betting mule to lose money. If the gamblers lose their bets, they will stand the losses.

The Process

The money will be provided to the betting mule up front via bank transfer; the mules will then send that money to the online betting accounts. That's just about all they have to do. They don't need to get involved in placing the bets. The only thing that they may be asked to do is to send the betting companies some form of ID to verify their accounts. Most bookies are able to verify customer's details automatically behind the scenes, on some occasions, they may request a photograph of a driving license or similar.

So what could a mule gain?

The standard model for betting mules is 10% of the profit. If the professional gambler wins £20,000, they will receive £2000. As the professional gamblers win, they will withdraw money from the betting accounts. The betting mule will keep 10% and send the other 90% back to the gambler.

Money for nothing!

If you are interested in becoming a betting mule, then please send us an email for further details. It could be better than getting a loan.

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